The Lynia brand presents a wide range of cosmetics with acids. They are dedicated to people with both capricious, acne-prone skin as well as the sensitive one. All ingredients have been carefully selected , thanks to which they are high-quality products.

Each of the carefully selected acids has a different effect. Almond and glycolic acid cleanse and brighten the skin. Salicylic acid unblocks pores, urea cares for adequate hydration, and also exfoliates the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid gives elasticity and prevents the formation of wrinkles. The offer also includes cosmetics with lactobionic acid , which is ideal for sensitive skin. Lynia products also contain natural oils and extracts, incl. peppermint oil , grapefruit oil , sage extract or licorice .

The creams, gel tonics and face gels available in the series will allow comprehensive and complete care . They will deal with current skin problems, and also protect the skin against the appearance of imperfections.

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